My Canine Companions: A Blog Series (Chapter Five: Freeway)


Rescued from a Los Angeles intersection hence the name "Freeway"

I am up to Chapter Five and not even half way yet. Freeway is my smallest dog. He is 4 years old (estimated) and 16 pounds. He is such a character. This is how he came into my life. It was about 7PM one weekday evening; still peak time for Los Angeles heavy traffic jams. Near the 101/5 freeway intersection, traffic was stop and go and I see a little ball of fur pass by me running toward traffic but along the side of the highway. I pull over and get out, because it would be easier to catch up to him on foot. When I got close enough to him, he panicked and ran under a stopped vehicle. He stayed there next to the front tire, shaking from fear and obviously very dehydrated. The couple in the vehicle got out and the driver came to assist me in grabbing Freeway while the passenger alerted traffic to go around. It only took about 2 attempts and three bites on my arm before I had him firmly enough to pull him to safety into my arms. Amazingly, I did not hear impatient people blowing their horns or shouting out obscenities (unlike New York City). I thanked the couple for their help and Freeway and I walked back to my car. He sat on my lap on the drive back home and into my house I come with yet another “visitor”. I know this did not happen, but I could have sworn when I opened the door with Freeway in tow that my other dogs rolled their eyes as if they were thinking “Not again; not another one!”

He immediately wanted water and afterwards he received a bath and some grooming (he was very matted). I separated him from the other dogs until I was able to get him seen by the vet. In the meantime, I took photos of him and posted them on different websites regarding lost dogs. I posted them in and around the area I found him, including dog parks, animal hospitals, schools, churches, bus stops, pet supply stores, etc. You name it, I posted there. Now all I had to do was wait and hope some frantic person looking for their lost dog would contact me.

The vet determined Freeway was about 2 years old..give or take a couple of months. He was not microchipped, but he had been neutered. Since there is no way to determine whether or not a dog has been vaccinated, he was given updates on all vaccines.

After receiving a clean bill of health, all Freeway and I could do now was wait…wait…wait and hope the phone would ring with someone claiming him. Within a month, I had received about a dozen lost dog calls, but none of the descriptions fit Freeway’s. After three months and I no longer received any lost dog calls, I registered him as my own, which brought me up to five dogs. I thought about it and how hard would it be to have a 16 pound dog as an addition to the family. He quickly settled into his now new and forever home.

I have to include a pretty funny story with Freeway’s introduction Shortly after he came to live with me, he showed small signs of semi blindness. He was not bumping into furniture or anything like that, but he acted as if he would follow my voice by sound and not sight. I was convinced he was losing his sight until one day, we were at the dog park and I usually made sure he did not wander too far, but this one he did. I panicked a little bit as I was calling his name and all I heard was a low growl over and over. I was amazed to find the growl was coming from Freeway who had not one, but two Doberman Pinscher’s backed up into a bush afraid or too confused to move. When I shouted, “Freeway”, in a “you’re being a bad boy” voice, he turned around and looked at me and I kid you not it was almost as if he started to pretend he was blind and had no idea what he was doing. From that moment on, I had his number. The funny part is to this day, Freeway thinks he is the alpha dog and thinks he runs the show. The funnier part is my other dogs let him believe that.



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4 responses to “My Canine Companions: A Blog Series (Chapter Five: Freeway)

  1. Another great story of going the extra mile and self sacrifice. Yes….his size is small but his attitude more than makes up for it.;-)

  2. They always say that great things come in small packages. Freeway seems to live up to this notion. What a great post. Your heart is so big and kind. : )

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