No one can live alone in this world; or at least no one truly wants to.  Everyone needs a friend. We need friends in our lives who can help us when we are in trouble, who can stand by us through the hard times and put an arm around us and comfort us when we cry, who can cheer us up when we are frustrated and who can be there to laugh with us during the good times. Good friends are often hard to find because they have diverse qualities such as: knowing how to listen, being good confidants, always speaking with truth, making time for you, and knowing how to AND forgiving any faults committed.  True friends step up to the plate and they come from a place of compassion instead of a judgmental one.
To be a good friend does not mean to be with a person just in the good times, but in the bad times, as well.  That’s where the weight of the friendship lies. To be a good listener definitely pays off, especially when you need to help your friend with any issues he or she may have.
In addition to what was described above, a good friend needs to know how to keep a secret and be discreet.  Sometimes it happens that one friend is sincere enough to speak the truth, and the other does not want to accept the constructive criticism the other is saying, and that causes serious problems within the friendship.
I believe those who are fortunate to have real, true friends should take a minute to be grateful and realize just how lucky they are.  Do not have perfect expectations and/or try to change the other to fit what your idea of a friend is.  There will not be any reasons to “change” a true friend…never.  Accept each other for who we are and maybe we can grow from one another and the quirks that once bothered or annoyed you so much just may be what makes you miss that person when they are no longer around.



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6 responses to “WHAT MAKES A GOOD FRIEND?

  1. Friends are similar to acquaintances and are easy to find and maintain . “True” friends rare, which is why we should value them in our life and be insightful and wise enough to cherish them, if we are fortunate to attain even one during a lifetime. To maintain a true friendship, one has to also be objectively honest with oneself and be a true friend themselves. One poorly thought out action or mistake can ruin a friendship for a lifetime as secure trust is the solid foundation of all unbreakable bonds between two people.

    Your observations on what constitutes a “good friend” are worthy of self reflection and consideration for everyone. It’s not in the quantity, but of the quality of the people we allow into our inner circle and of the quality of integrity and loyalty we ourselves are able to offer to others on a lifetime basis. We attract and maintain that which we ourselves offer.

    Your insight, and your writing on your improving insight, is commendable.

    • Deusimplicitus……Thank you for your comment. I agree with your views, as well, and appreciate your kind words. It is true we often take our friends and family for granted. A little reminder every now then will do good for everyone involved. Thanks again!

  2. onewiththeanimals,
    A little true sincerity can go along way in keeping and maintaining trust and thus valuable and long term relationships. When we lost trust, we’ve lost the bond of the relationship forever, and thus the relationship is over.

  3. People should think long and hard before betraying a valued relationship.
    The betrayal is always found out. Friends and people more intimate than friends, with an established history, should be very cautious before doing irreparable damage by deceit or selfishness, otherwise people who engage in these deceits and selfish behavior will find themselves alone at the end of their lives.

    • Duesimplicitus: Again, I agree with your comments above. I did not focus on this particular issue, but it is highly important in the foundation of a true friendship in addition to what I mentioned in my blog. Like water is to fish, trust is to a solid relationship: both platonic and intimate. So many relationships and hearts end up in ruins because of the lack of trust. I know this from friends who have traveled this road as well as from my own personal experience. It is true that it will demolish the “circle”. Some people who have gone through this learn this lesson the hard way while there are some people who do not, hence ending up alone at the end of their lives. Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog and for making that very important fact, Deusimplicitus!

  4. And thank you, onewiththeanimals, for taking the time and effort to write these articulate blogs, along with your well expressed personal views. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs and your elucidating views.

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